Won't people (or other runners) look at me funny when I run barefoot?

People look strangely on anything they do not understand. I've been shouted at while running with shoes on enough to know that for whatever reason there is a set of people who yell at runners no matter what. It's best to brush these folks off.

Other runners are typically inquisitive and will spark up a conversation as to the benefits and detriments of running unshod. Athletes are always looking for a way to improve, so many runners look at barefoot running as a potential tool they can use in their arsenal (like strides, tempo runs, speed work, etc.).

At the end of the day, never let what someone (may) think of you dictate your actions. If you care what other people think, you will be frozen with inaction your entire life -- and people look down on inaction!

People think you're weird? Accept the compliment.