Why I mostly run in Vibram Five Finger Bikila's

All of my winter running, and most of my spring and summer running this year has been in Vibram Five Finger Bikila's.

Sometimes I'm barefoot, sometimes I've run the trails with the Merrell Trail Glove, but most of the time I put on my dirty pair of red and grey Five Finger's.

Why is that?

For now, I've settled into a comfort zone of running -- the one where things are working, you're not getting injured, and you're enjoying yourself. It's hard to change just for the sake of change.

Change also comes with risks. Who wants to take a risk on getting hurt if things are working out well for them and they have no complaints?

I've talked and written about running barefoot quite a bit. I still whole heartedly believe in the benefits that it provides and teaches the body. When I speak to folks, I tell them before they try any type of minimalist shoe they need to be comfortable with their ability to run barefoot.

I would not be the runner I am today without the training that being barefoot has provided me.

At the end of the day though, I want to use what I've grown comfortable with and has kept me healthy.

What are you running in these days and why?