Vibram Five Finger: SeeYa (VFF)

Jason Robillard has an interesting write up on the VFF SeeYa's.

I'm intrigued to see how these compare to the Bikila's, which are my primary minimalist shoe at the moment.

Performance on Trails

As expected, this isn’t an ideal trail shoe.  The lack of protection limits the shoe to non-technical or minimally-technical trail running.  Trail traction is better than KSOs, but not nearly as good and pretty much anything else.  The shoe does work pretty well on solid cambered rock where traction is critical.
I'm particularly concerned about how they perform on the trails. Not the technical trails, but just the run of the mill mud/woodchip/off roading. The Bikila's have little to no traction.

At this point VFF has so many different types of shoes that they are muddying up their product lines. How is this better than any of their other offerings? Hopefully we find out that they've taken away from the Bikila, while keeping the seamless inside.

Has anyone had the good fortune of trying these out yet?