The runner's morning

Always I rise, my eyes still sticky with sleep, my brain still fuzzed from the muddy night’s sleep. Before I stand up, I force my legs to tighten, testing their stiffness from yesterday’s adventures. Callouses may cover my feet, but my muscles always twinge with the anticipation of the day’s first step.

Darkness still reigns supreme as I finally slip out of bed, careful not to wake the wife. Every step sends shivers up my body as the synapses begin to fully fire. Frankly, it’s too early to be awake, but sunrise waits for no man. Getting out the door is the most important step.

Having placed everything out the night before makes it easy. I slide into my gear. Just contemplating being outside makes me anxious. Kneeling, my hands fumble to tie my shoes. Looking back through the door, I’m ready, let’s run!

My arm flicks the door handle and I’m bounding outside before I even hear it shut. No one can stop me now. Often I start out this way, like a caged gazelle finally free. Part of me knows this never lasts. Quickly I put that thought out of my head. Reality is the here and now.

Slowly my feet begin to find the rhythm of the runner’s dance. The tightness melts from my muscles. Under my shirt, I can feel the complimentary rhythm of my heart beat.

Viewing the sun begin to rise, contentment rises in me as well. Wonderful peace begins to wash through me. Xystus this is not, this is the cosmos.

Yesterday I was a man, but today… today, I am a god. Zoned in, my feet float across the pavement.

Note: This was written as a writing prompt, the starting sentence beginning with "A" and the final sentence beginning with "Z".