Stride types - Jack Daniels Edition

I've been enjoying reading through Jack Daniels, "Daniels' Running Formula 3rd Edition" this week.

His 2nd edition book has remained my go to reference for understanding training paces and devising training plans.

![Running Formula 3rd Edition](/content/images/2014/Jan/DanielsRunningFormula3rd.jpg)

This updated version contains many more plans, expanded terminology, and more direct explanations regarding the "why" of the training ideas.

I'll be covering the ideas presented further, however this struck me as particularly interesting:

Runners who are relatively new to the sport should experiment with different foot-strike techniques and use the one that is most comfortable, that is the least fatiguing, and that allows for a light and quick turnover rate of about 180 steps per minute.

How succinct is that? He's reinforcing the idea that you should experiment with yourself to determine the most effective manner of running for your body.

No one is going to be able to tell you what will be most effective for you in terms of stride, but they can tell you that focusing on 180 steps per minute and seeing how you run naturally is a fantastic idea.