Who's your running sage?

Minimalist running, whether it is barefoot, or "shoe without a heel", continues to gain traction in the world of running. I see folks from all walks of life no longer looking at me so queerly as I run unshod. Instead, they look at me with eyes of curiosity and question me when they can.

Other runners who have found the minimalist fold sneak up next to me and say, "Nice shoes (grin), how long you been running in those?".

As I look down at their own minimalist shoes, I smile and answer, "almost two years". Their reaction is usually as if they've hit a wise man of running.

I pass on what tips I can, but at the end I always point out that I am no running sage.

The only real running sage is the one inside you. The one who learns by doing, by trying, and by experimenting.

The sage will have some excitement as winter arrives. New barefoot runners inevitably start to panic. How can I run in the snow? What should I wear? How should I dress? Should I wear shoes just for the winter? Should I wear socks? Should I just run indoors on a treadmill?

These are all questions that can only be answered by you, through experimentation. I'll have a list of suggestions and things to try later in week. I'll have lot more to add after running through last winter.