No one cares how you run

Some people treat running barefoot as a religion and belittle those who wear shoes or minimalist shoes. Other people loathe barefoot runners and simply wish "they" would shut up -- they are just fine in their shoes thank you and have been all their life.

Some of the more intelligent on each side cite studies, refute existing studies, and vomit often worthless anecdotal evidence like a fire hose.

With all of the noise, hatred, and misunderstanding in the running community it can be impossible for a neophyte runner, or any runner, to garner any conclusive information.

There are 3 simple question you can ask to make sense of it all:

  1. Have you tried running barefoot/shod while following a reasonable and conservative approach to training?

  2. How did you feel while doing it? Did your body react well or poorly over time?

  3. Did you give yourself enough time to full explore the approach?

At end the end of day, and the beginning of the day, I dont care how you run. Read that again, no one cares how you run (with the exception of  companies trying to sell you things).

I dont care what you do or do not wrap your feet in. What I care about is that you have information available to you to help you experiment and explore the boundaries of your abilities and knowledge.

We are each an experiment of one. What works for one person may not work for another. If you wish to learn to run, you must experiment with your own body, your form, your footwear, your fueling, and your training.

There are many resources that will help guide you through the process, give you ideas to experiment with, and fill in gaps in your knowledge. There is no resource that should be the final say in anything.

Run, explore, and learn along the journey. If you feel best running in sneakers, do it. If you feel best running in sandals, do it. If you feel best running in Vibrams, do it.

Do not tell others what they should be running in. Tell them why you run the way you do, and let them learn from it.