Peter Snell: Gentleman, Athlete, Scholar, Beast!

There is a fantastic article in running times regarding Peter Snell (the New Zealander of triple Olympic gold and Lydiard student).

Snell speaks about myriad items, all of which resonate with the patient and experimental runner.

"It's a relatively simple formula," says Snell. "Develop endurance as early as possible. Developing endurance is difficult and time consuming. Developing speed is a relatively short process with a fairly strong genetic component.

"Try and understand the need for adequate recovery," he says, "a balance between hard training and recuperation. That's part of the art [of coaching/training]. I still have the thought that the science of training comes primarily from the trial and error of coaches.

There is brilliance in his logical and exploratory type of training and current research.

Check out Peter Snell's books, which are next on my reading list: Use it or Lose ItPeter Snell: From Olympian to ScientistNo Bugles, No Drums. The only problem seems to be getting a hold of them for a reasonable price for review.