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How do I get started?

The best way to get started is to build up your tolerance just like you would build up your miles. Through a gradual process you are able to acclimate yourself without suffering the negative consequences of overdoing it.

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Why run barefoot?

The question you're asking shouldn't be why should I take something off my foot, but why should I put it on?

How do you transition from running with sneakers to running barefoot?

There are two main ways to transfer from running in sneakers to running barefoot:
  1. Transfer Method. Keep your weekly miles the same, running both shod and unshod, slowly moving the amount of miles run shod to unshod.
  2. Cold Turkey. Stop running shod completely. Gradually build up your miles running barefoot.

Aren't your feet filthy?

No. I do bathe once in awhile after all.

How do you run without tearing up the bottoms of your feet?

Don't do too much, too soon.

Won't people look at my funny if I'm running barefoot?

It pains me slightly to even answer this question, as I wish people could exude self-confidence. Maybe this will set some fears at rest or at least give someone the courage to chuck their shoes.

How can you run barefoot on the pavement?

It's actually quite enjoyable after you get over the mental hurdle. We're taught that sidewalks are rough on the body, and they certainly can be. With a little practice and confidence they are no more difficult than a well manicured golf course.

Is there any empirical research which supports barefoot running?

There is quite a bit, and it appears that interest in understanding more is growing.

Are some sufaces better than others for running barefoot?

While variety will provide most stimulation, a hard smooth surface will provide the most feedback on your form.

Does running barefoot hurt?

Yes, running barefoot can hurt. However it's how you resolve that pain that makes running barefoot beneficial.

Why do my calves hurt so much now that I'm running barefoot?

You are adjusting to a different form of running and need to be careful with the duration and intensity of your runs.

What if your feet are ruined by bad shoes and bad technique?

You aren't ruined, you just might need more time to adjust.