The purpose of this blog is to explore shodless (barefoot) running, minimalism in running, and shodless life in general. I am not a barefoot zealot and am interested in exploring how less can help me be more.

I live in the United States, so this information is obviously skewed in that direction, and my experiences with the people around me.

Everything that is written here, when not backed up by empirical evidence, is obviously my opinion. It is prudent to remember that each of us is an experiment of one. What works for me, may not work so well for you, so adjust accordingly.

I may reference books, movies, or other running related products. When I do, I link to my Amazon Associates account. If you purchase a product by clicking through this link, I receive ~4% or so of the total price. The item doesn't cost you more, I just get a slice of Amazon's profit.  If you're against this, simply search for the product on your own.

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