Answering barefoot questions

For the next few weeks I'll be answering questions regarding barefoot running and being barefoot in general. I have about 10 questions already queued up. The plan is to answer one question a day

Although each question/answer will be a separate blog entry, the full list will appear in one page on the FAQ section in the menu.

If you have a question which you're like answered please email me at or comment on this post.

Here is the list of questions to be answered so far:

  1. Aren't your feet filthy?
  2. Won’t people (or other runners) look at me funny when I run barefoot?
  3. How does a runner transition from shod to barefoot?
  4. How do you run without tearing up the bottoms of your feet?
  5. What if your feet are already ruined by bad shoes and bad technique?
  6. Are some surfaces better than others for barefoot runners?
  7. Is there any empirical research supporting barefoot running?
  8. Why do my calves hurt so much now that I’m running barefoot?
  9. Does barefoot running hurt?
  10. How can you run on pavement?
  11. Why do you run barefoot?